The Best of the Very Best!

Since 1981, Jeff Ruby has served his award-winning steaks to countless beef connoisseurs, celebrities, world leaders, athletes, entertainers and guests at his Midwest-based steakhouses. Through those decades, one thing remained absolutely constant: a Jeff Ruby Steak is the best steak money can buy.

What makes our steaks so special? It starts with personally sourcing only purebred Heritage Black Angus cattle raised in mild Midwest environments and in hospitable conditions that promote growth. Through years of research, we've found this breed offers superior marbling, taste and texture particularly when raised on a high-quality corn and vegetarian protein diet as ours are. It takes more than just the Black Angus name to make it through our rigorous selection process, though. Each animal must also have a clear and traceable lineage, one that guarantees superior genetics and offers each of the breed's distinct and desired traits. This ensures that all of our select cattle are unrivaled in terms of ongoing consistency and quality.

Once selected, our beef is carefully graded by the U.S.D.A. Only 2% of all beef receives the U.S.D.A.'S top rating of PRIME and we are proud to offer it to our guests. After Jeff Ruby's beef is graded, it undergoes a second selection process through which we choose only the very best to offer to our loyal guests. This is one reason we can truthfully state we sell only the best of the very best.

All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days to allow the naturally-present enzymes a chance to begin breaking down the muscle and connective tissue enhancing texture and flavor. We, however, make the extra effort to dry age our beef an additional 30-60 days. We age our beef in a light, temperature and humidity-controlled environment giving those enzymes a greater opportunity to work their magic. From there, the dried exterior is trimmed away leaving beautifully tenderized meat. Interestingly, the aged product may lose up to 15% of its original weight through dehydration; however, this simply intensifies the nutty, beefy flavor and when cooked, yields an incredibly juicy and tender texture.

Once properly aged, all Jeff Ruby steaks are hand cut with the greatest of care. We will sell only perfectly portioned, trimmed and cut steaks, each checked meticulously by the watchful eyes of experienced butchers. Several premium steaks (such as our Porterhouse) require precision and slight miscalculations could cause them to be classified as a completely different, lower quality cut and, thus, require them to be rejected.

Selling and shipping fresh rather than frozen beef presents its own set of challenges...and we wouldn't have it any other way. There is simply no substitute for making the effort to deliver the best product possible at its very peak of freshness. You will notice upon receiving your order that each of your steaks is vacuum-packed individually, sealing in all the juicy, savory freshness our product has to offer. These sealed packs are carefully assembled in our custom cooler system designed to keep your steaks in an optimal environment as they make their way to you.