Britney Ruby Miller
Jeff Ruby Culinary Entertainment

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouses are known for serving incredible steaks. Our award-winning culinary team sees to it that each and every order is cooked to perfection. Luckily, you don't need to be a classically trained chef to produce great results, though. Here are a few simple suggestions to create your own Jeff Ruby Experience right at home!

Step 1
The first step to preparing the perfect steak is to always start with a very high quality, fresh (never frozen) product.

Step 2
Prepare the steak by letting it rest and slowly warm to room temperature 30-60 minutes before cooking. Adding heat to a chilled - or gasp, a frozen - steak causes it to contract upon searing and produces a much tougher end product.

Step 3
Dry your room temperature steak thoroughly with a towel. This removes unnecessary moisture that could prevent your rub or seasoning from appropriately marrying with the meat prior to cooking. Drying the steak prior to cooking will also allow for a more consistent and even sear.

Step 4
Generously season the steak with your favorite rub or spice mixtures. Don't be afraid to experiment and even develop one of your own that incorporates your preferred ratios of cayenne, paprika, kosher salt, pepper, garlic etc. Of course, we feel the legendary Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse Seasoning is the perfect complement to any cut of meat (available for purchase by clicking HERE). Whichever you decide, remember to thoroughly coat both sides of your steak to create outstanding flavor.

Step 5
Place your room temperature, well-seasoned steak on the grill or other heat source. When you do, step back and leave it alone! Doing so will allow for a good sear which locks in the meat's juices and forms the foundation for a beautiful char. The steak must remain undisturbed long enough to allow a full maillard reaction to occur- essentially even browning of the meat. After several minutes (depending on the temperature of the heat source and thickness of the steak), flip the steak once and again leave it alone until it just before it reaches your preferred finished temperature. (Remember your steak will continue to cook very slightly after you remove it from the heat so to keep from overcooking, keep a close eye on it.)

*Alternate method: If you decide not to grill your steaks outside, you can create a great steak right in your oven! Simply put your seasoned steak in a pre-heated cast-iron pan in an oven set to 400 degrees. Let it cook for 12-15 minutes, pull out and let rest. (Be very careful as your cooking vessel will be extremely hot).

Step 6
While your steak is cooking, make a bit of clarified butter to apply to the steak when finished. The richness of the butter complements the natural flavor of the meat and helps meld all the flavors introduced in your seasoning. Simply melt a stick of unsalted butter in a saucepan. As the milk fats and solids rise to the top, skim them off and discard. What is left is a gorgeous, clear pan of magic that really enhances the final product.

Step 7
Just before your steak reaches your preferred temperature, remove from the heat and let rest for another 7-10 minutes before cutting into it. This prevents those fully developed juices from running out onto the plate and allows them to redistribute through the meat for robust flavor.

Step 8
After resting, ladle about a tablespoon of the clarified butter to the top of your steak or add your favorite sauce or topper and enjoy!